Western Endodontic is a long-established specialist endodontic dental practice in Subiaco, Western Australia, owned and managed by Dr Tim Silbert. Our carefully selected team of trained and qualified staff has created a unique family atmosphere that will help you feel at ease and offer you a positive patient experience.

We provide a gentle and caring approach to dental treatment which is based on trust, respect, empathy and communication. The experience of our dedicated team ensures that you receive only the best dental treatment available.

We welcome our patients and referring dentists. For patients we encourage you to explore the Patient information section.

For our referring dentists we understand the privilege of caring for your patients and the trust you show in us and our practice. We aim to work together with you with the common goal of achieving the best long term outcome for our patients. We encourage you to visit our dedicated Dentist Portal.

Our patient care philosophy

We believe that the natural dentition is preferable to prosthetic replacement. The majority of teeth referred for endodontic treatment can be retained in the long-term, however in some cases other treatment options might be preferable.

We believe that with our specialist knowledge and experience, and in consultation with your dentist we can assist you in determining the treatment options best suited to your case providing a long term, stable, and functional outcome.

Charity Involvement

The practice supports charities that we believe reflect its values of providing effective change leading to long term sustainable outcomes. The three charities that we are supporting in the coming year are;


The School of St Judes

The School of St Jude accepted its first students back in 2002 when a lady from NSW, by the name of Gemma Sisia, built a school from scratch in Arusha, Tanzania. Her vision was to provide a high-quality education for some of the poorest children in East Africa. Since then, the School has grown from three students to nearly 1,800, but still remains committed to its original aim, fighting poverty through education. Gemma says:

“Everything we do is for the children, and to produce successful academic and welfare outcomes. Each child we invite into the school represents another family who has the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty.”

“St Jude’s does not discriminate along religious or tribal lines, and has students of Christian, Muslim, and other faiths coming from 35 different African tribes.”

The School exists to provide a long term solution to poverty by educating disadvantaged, bright children from the local region. They encourage young Tanzanians to do more than just succeed but to become moral and intellectual leaders, empowering them to transform their community, challenge the status quo and find solutions for the 12 million Tanzanians living in extreme poverty.

The Smith Family

The charity started back in 1922 on Christmas eve 1922, five businessmen walked into a Sydney orphanage carrying armfuls of toys and sweets.

They walked out inspired by a single goal: to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Australia.

When asked who the children could thank, one of the men, preferring to remain anonymous, said “Smith”.

“What about the others?” the matron asked. “They’re Smiths too”, replied the man. “We’re all Smiths. We’re The Smith Family.”

And so, The Smith Family was born.

Today, one in seven children and young people are living in poverty across Australia, where even life’s basics are hard to come by. These children need financial help for practical essentials like textbooks, school shoes, the right uniform and camps. Disadvantaged children are also much more likely to struggle at school than their classmates so they need extra support with their learning.

The Smith Family’s child sponsorship program provides support to disadvantaged children through: – financial support to pay for school essentials like a school uniform, shoes, textbooks and excursions. – support from a Learning for Life Coordinator who works with the family and understands the specific needs of a child. – access to The Smith Family’s out-of-school learning and mentoring programs to help children get the most out of their school years.

By sponsoring children through the charity we hope to, in some small way, help break the cycle of poverty. The smith family is an independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

On My Feet

On My Feet is transforming lives.

This charity provides pathways to improved employability through skills development and work experience opportunities for men and women dealing with or at risk of homelessness based on their commitment to running with us. Our running groups offer the chance for improved mental and physical health whilst cultivating positive social connections within a supportive running community.

The Charity is 100% volunteer-managed and organised.

Homelessness is not a life choice, it’s a circumstance that people find themselves in. It can happen quickly, easily, and tragically.


Running has the power

  • to create self worth through positive reinforcement and being part of a community
  • to create a sense of purpose through goal races and the prospect of education and employment
  • to create self sufficiency as we introduce our participants to potential employers and education programs when they achieve 90% attendance. Why 90%? 90% requires determination, discipline, perseverance, commitment and a positive attitude.

These are the ingredients for success.

Running is a great metaphor for life – you get out of it what you put in. We are not looking to create champion runners but to create independence, self worth, and a positive contribution to our communities.

Those dealing with homelessness need a hand up, not a hand out.

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