After treatment – What you can expect

Non-surgical endodontic treatment

    • You may experience mild discomfort following endodontic treatment which is normal and expected, particularly if you have experienced severe pre-treatment symptoms. This is due to the inflmation that was present prior to treatment and will resolve over the few days following treatment.
    • Post-treatment discomfort can usually be managed by taking over the counter analgesic medications such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, if you find your sympotms are not improving, or you are concerned about post-treatment symptoms please contact your Endodontist.
    • We recommend that you continue with good oral hygiene, tooth brushing and flossing.
    • Be careful of biting or burning your lip or cheek while numb or tongue.
    • Once your endodontic treatment is completed treat the area with respect while chewing on your tooth if you have been referred back to your dentist for a permanent restoration.

Surgical Endodontic treatment


    • It is normal to experience pain during the first day. Household analgesics such as Panadol or Nurofen should be all that is required.
    • You may find you experience a slow bleeding from the gum for several hours after surgery. If bleeding is a problem place a clean handkerchief over the site and compress firmly for at least 10 minutes without removing the fingers.
    • Repeat if necessary or gauze provided at appointment.
    • Have a soft diet for the first day. Hot food and drinks are not recommended.
    • Smoking and Alcohol promote bleeding and should be avoided.
    • Ice Packs – a cold pack wrapped in a tea towel can be used over the surgery site for 10 minute intervals as often as possible. A word of caution, your lip will be numb for a few hours so be careful not to cause frostbite.
    • Stitches/Sutures – avoid lifting the lip to inspect the surgical site during the first few days as this may dislodge the stitches.


    • Mouth Rinses – commence gentle rinsing with warm salt water mouth rinses (one teaspoon in one cup of warm water) two (2) or three (3) times daily for the next ten (10) days.

DAY 3 – 5

    • Tooth Brushing – Brush gently from the gum down to the tooth. Be careful not to lift the gum away from the tooth. You can brush normally after ten (10) days.
    • You may experience some swelling and it is normal to have swelling between the third and sixth days after surgery.
    • You can also experience bruising following surgery, on occasions it can extend to below the eye, the side of the nose, and can even track down to the neck. If bruising does occur it will last as long as a normal bruise.

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