Caring for you and your safety

We follow the infection control guidelines outlined by the Dental Board of Australia and Australian Dental Association. These include single use CBCT items (where possible), such as the endodontic files used for your treatment. These are discarded once your treatment is complete. Where items are able to be sterilised this is done using a multi-step procedure that is validated using latest technology to ensure that any remnants of bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents are killed.

We also undertake standard precautions which include hand hygiene, wearing gloves, masks and protective eyewear for all procedures. Any sharp disposable instruments are removed immediately to prevent the possibility of needlestick injury to you and our team.


Some of our patients require some assistance with managing treatment. For a variety of reasons (e.g. anxiety associated with dental treatment), we offer the option of sedation so that you can be relaxed while treated.

Sedation can be administered intravenously or as an oral medication. Please speak to your Endodontist regarding this and a suitable option can be tailored to your needs. An information sheet will be provided detailing the pre and post sedation care.

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